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Gr. 2-3, Ages 3 - 10. 32 pages. This lengthy tale from religious writings tells of King Antoninus, who is so taken with the Sabbath when he visits the home of his friend Rabbi Judah that he wants to bring the idea back to his kingdom. But Antoninus liked to do things big, so instead of celebrating once a week, he orders a Sabbath that's a week long. With everyone resting and no one working, things soon begin falling apart. It's only when Rabbi Judah visits the now-distraught king that the problem is solved. This amusing story with its thoughtful lesson has a lot going for it, but the book might have trouble attracting an audience. All the characters are adults, and the pastel artwork emphasizes this, with only a smattering of children scattered in the pictures. Still, if introduced properly by a parent or teacher in a religious school, the tale will help kids learn what "too much of a good thing" really means. The prayers for the Havdalah, the ceremony to end the Sabbath, are appended.  By Mira Wasserman

Childrens' Book: "Too Much of a Good Thing"

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