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PreS-Gr 2-Tommy is shy in his new American school, where kids tease him about his Israeli accent. He gains confidence when a police officer and Israeli-trained police dog visit his class. By pronouncing the Hebrew commands, Tommy helps the officer and gains his classmates' respect. The story was inspired by an actual incident, as related in the author's note. A glossary of English/Hebrew dog commands rounds out the package. While highlighting the Israeli contribution to counterterrorism through the training of explosive-detection dogs, this story offers universal themes about being the new kid and fitting in. Tommy's anxiety is realistically depicted, as is the thoughtless (but not cruel) teasing of the other kids. Their change in attitude once their interest is piqued is realistic as well. Expressive watercolor cartoons convey the characters' emotions and give individuality to each child in the crowded classroom. By Jacqueline Dembar Greene

Childrens' Book: "Speak Up Tommy!" - Paperback

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