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Three lost polar bears search for a new home in this timely book from award-winning French illustrator Barroux. Life is quiet and peaceful on the ice for three polar bears, until, "CRACK " The ice breaks, and they drift away. The sea is dangerous, so they need to search for a new home. Then, the polar bears see it . . . Land They're saved But the cows there think they are too furry, bearish, and tall, so they don't let them live there. The panda says there's no room on his island (though there clearly is ), and the giraffes pretend not to hear. All the while, their ice floe is getting smaller and smaller until they come to an empty island. A new home, all to themselves That is, until three lost monkeys who are looking for a new home come along. The bears think about it, and say that they are welcome Barroux's beautiful story was inspired by the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and promotes inclusiveness and welcomeness for children

Children's Book: "Welcome Barroux" - Paperback (1)

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