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A family prepares to celebrate Chanukah for the first time since Mama died - in this heartfelt, bittersweet tale that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced an empty chair at the holiday table. Three plates, Selma reminded herself. Just three plates this Chanukah. For Selma and her little sister, Dora, this is their first Chanukah without Mama. When Papa comes home carrying a big bag of potatoes and all the ingredients for latkes, Selma is worried. Mama always made the Chanukah latkes. Could they make them without her? In Michelle Edwards's poignant story, illustrated with Stacey Schuett's warmly glowing artwork, Selma comes to realize that while Chanukah - and especially latkes - will never be the same without Mama, Selma can still celebrate, and will always remember. 

Children's Book: " Papa's Latkes" (Chanukah/Hanukkah)

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