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Make Your Own Dreidel! Comes With Acrylic Shapes And Beads To Assemble Your Own Dreidel For The Holidays. 

Dreidel Is The Traditional Game Played To Celebrate Chanukah. The Letters On The Dreidel—Nun, Gimel, Hey And Shin—Are Interpreted To Stand For The First Letter Of Each Word In The Hebrew Statement “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham,” Which Means, “A Great Miracle Happened There,” And Refers To The Defeat Of The Assyrian Army And The Re-Dedication Of The Temple In The Story Of Chanukah. In Israel, One Letter On The Dreidel Differs From Those Used In The Rest Of The World. Instead Of A Shin, You Will Find The Letter Pei, Transforming The Hebrew Words “Nes Gadol Hayah Po,” Which Means, “A Great Miracle Happened Here.”

Chanukah Dreidel: Colorful & Elegant DIY Acrylic Dreidel w/Beads


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