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A Passover spin on the classic game of Clue.  But instead of looking for the killer and the weapon, players search for the culprit and the chametz (the forbidden foods during Passover).

There are 6 CULPRITS (Colonel Moti, Mrs. Weiss, Rabbi Greenberg, Professor Slivovitz, Chaim and Tzipporah), 6 LOCATIONS (Bedroom, Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room and Garage), and 6 types of CHAMETZ (pizza, cookie, cracker, donut, cupcake and pretzel). In addition, there are the "Four Questions" Spaces which offer a trivia question about Jewish history, Passover, Torah, etc.  If answered correctly, the player is given a free pass to jump to any room in the house and make a guess.  Chametz the Game hides the learning inside the fun!  Box measures 10.5" x 10.5" by 2.5" 

Passover (Kids): "Chametz - The Search is On!" Game 1 LEFT!

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